Welcome to Proctergraphy.com.
I love Photography, capturing smiles, little creatures made so amazingly, birds, sunsets and occassionally a few people. Some photos are available to purchase and the link is in the relevant section. Other than that, i've tried different formats and have finally decided on the following : me and My camera can be hired for £25.00 an hour ,minimum 2hrs. If you like the photos you may buy them,and i will upload them to a printing site for you too purchase. I will no longer be offering all the photos taken, just the better ones. Its that simple. . . . AND, I have done two weddings . . . . there will not be a third . . . Can't stand them,hate them with a passion, so please don't ask !
I hope you find my photos pleasing. Fortunately this is not my only venture and for my others please see my links page. Thankyou for stopping by, be lucky and come back soon, Deano .